Old-Fashioned Fitness

Have you ever looked at the old-school bodybuilders and wondered how in the world they got to the physical shape they are in? Well, I’ll tell you one thing: it wasn’t from stretch bands and crossfit. While those things are beneficial and have their place, they are far from the best way to stay fit. The old school bodybuilders used plain old barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises to get the shape they wanted.

Machines are a great addition to the gym, but they don’t work out all of the muscles that barbells and dumbbells do. Think about it: when you’re squatting with a machine, the machine is doing all the balancing for you. When you squat with a barbell, the machine doesn’t hold that at all. Your muscles have to do all the work. Now, that may not seem like much, but there are tons of small muscles that work together that NEVER get used if you don’t use some free weights.

Take Notic

Now, I’m not saying that you should NEVER use machines or that free weights are always better. If you’ve had a shoulder injury or knee replacement, doing squats or military presses is a *terrible* idea. But if you’re healthy, you should at least consider doing the old-fashioned workouts. Here are a few of the gold standards!


Squats hit nearly every muscle in your body. The will hit your legs for sure, but they also hit your core, abs, and back in a big way. Along with deadlifts, squats are the closest thing to the perfect workout.


Deadlifts will hit everything else that squats don’t. Your shoulders and arms will feel it, as well as your lower back. Between these two workouts, your body will really see an improvement.


Running will improve everything you do in the gym. It will allow your body to store more oxygen, which results in more results in the gym. You will also see your legs and core tighten up and gain mass. Me and my buddies are running out to an overlook tomorrow, where we’re going to look at the stars with my new telescope I bought from https://likehubble.com/best-spotting-scopes-for-money/; running doesn’t have to be all work! You can mix in some fun as well.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells are a sadly underutilized part of the gym; it’s a real shame that more people don’t use them. They are better for people who might not be able to do heavy squats or deadlifts, and if you’ve had knee problems they are a lifesaver. Kettlebell swings simply involve holding the bell in both hands, swinging it between your legs, squatting as you do so, and letting it swing back up just under your chest. Your arms should be just slightly LESS than parallel to the ground. It has all the benefit of deadlifts, without as much strain and stress. It’s one of my favorite workouts!

And there you have it, some old-fashioned workouts! Try going off machines for a day or two, and giving these a try. We doubt that you’ll regret it!