Top reasons to take up DIY

Top reasons to take up DIYMy friend hates DIY projects and tries to avoid them whenever he can. He’d say, “why bother when you can just buy and use it”. While I admit I’m not much of a handyman, I do try to take up some DIY work ,if it falls within my meagre list of skills. Actually DIY has several benefits. If you are like my friend, here are a few, which I’m sure would convince you that DIY works are not bad after all.

Save money

Well this one is an obvious reason. But I’m not talking about just saving the cost of labor. When you learn to do by yourself, you will be able to understand the little details, and on why a product is expensive, or costs more for its maintenance. If you know this, you can decide on which DIY to take up and the ones you can leave.

You can save money and acquire something that you need significantly. For instance, consider home remodeling. The highest you spend on is toward the home appliances. When you know about the difference between the high end and inexpensive options and understand the working model of the lower priced products, so they are sufficient for your purpose, you can spend less and channel the rest to other important areas of the house.

Learning new things is fun

The satisfaction you gain from completing a project on your own is beyond compare. Last week one of the boards on my deck came loose. My neighbor loaned me a woodworking tool he had bought from for fixing the board. I nailed the board easily and in no time! And I was all smiles when I went to return the tool. DIY can give you satisfaction and fun, provided you spend some time and effort towards it. And for those who have time on hands or for those facing midlife crisis, DIY can be taken as hobby. It is emotionally soothing and makes you excited and happy.

Meet new people

When you are drawn to DIY, it will create an opportunity to meet with likeminded people. It can be the online forums, where you clear your doubts or classes you take up for learning a craft you are sure to meet new people and become friends.

Make money

In addition to saving money, you can also make some. DIY is actually a good way to earn money. When you learn a new skill, you will be able to earn an income on the side and further have a financial backup when your regular day job lets you down. When you are not stressed out about your job, you will gain confidence, be assertive and as a result increase your chances of being promoted.

Retirement benefits

DIY talent is just what the doctor ordered for your retirement. Yes, you can use DIY expertise to increase your income and reach your financial goals faster, so you can retire much earlier than planned. Even if you don’t earn an income out of your DIY skill, you can use it to make your retirement time enjoyable.

Garden Tool Favorites

barrow-2770_1280As you probably already know, I’m really into green energy, as well as researching different types of sustainable homes and gardens. I have a garden of my own, in which I put a lot of effort. I believe everyone should have their own piece of land, and at least something they’ve cultivated on their own. I rarely stumble upon something that beats that amazing feeling you get while watching your own tomatoes grow.

That’s why, during the years, I’ve accumulated a large number of different gardening tools, everything from shovels to lawn mowers. So if you’re new to the whole gardening thing, you might benefit from what I have to say about some of those tools. Here’s a list of my favorites, and the reasons why I think they’re so great.


In my opinion, you’re not really doing gardening until you buy your own pruner. And I’m not saying this because I’m some kind of a gardening snob – pruners really are among the essentials. In order to grow like they’re supposed to, most plants require regular and careful pruning, which can’t be done unless you have the right tools. So if you don’t have one, you should consider buying it!

Pole saw

This is one of my absolute favorites, and not just because it’s useful. Pole saws are the perfect tools for those who have a garden with lots of trees and bushes. They allow you to prune and shape your plants just the way you want, and what makes them even better is the fact that all this is done with minimal effort. It’s actually kind of fun. So if you want to get serious with your gardening, you should definitely check them out. You can start here:


Getting the right soil for your plants is a huge part of maintaining your garden properly, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need to maintain the soil itself, because as time passes by, it loses the nutrients it had when you first bought it, or planted something in it. To keep it rich with nutrients, you’ll have to buy minerals and fertilizers, but also the right tools to get them into the soil. A cultivator is, in my opinion, your best option.

Soil knife

It might sound ridiculous – the thought of owning a knife that’s specially designed for digging up and dividing plants, but it’s actually necessary, at least if you don’t want to damage the plants while handling them.

Edging knife

If you want your lawn to look extra pretty and neat, you should consider buying yourself an edging knife. It’s a tool that looks like something between a really long knife and a shovel, and is specially designed to make it easy for you to trim the edges of your lawn.

Block paving knife

On the other hand, if you have a nice paving somewhere in your garden, and don’t want the weeds sticking out from it, you’ll appreciate what a block paving knife can do for you.

Keeping Healthy in a Fun Way

skill-saw-103124_1280Many people really take good care of their health, but most of us just can’t seem to make ourselves do any of those tiresome physical activities like jogging or going to the gym longer than a few weeks. It’s also really boring and uninteresting to eat healthy and keep away from delicious goodies. But what if we told you that keeping healthy and fit doesn’t have to be boring or tiresome? If you don’t believe us, read on and be amazed!

  1. Eating healthy – eating fun!

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to make healthy food just as interesting and fulfilling as hamburgers and pizza. For instance, why not make healthy hamburgers and pizza! If you think eating healthy all comes down to chewing broccoli all day long, you can’t be more wrong. If it was like that, we would all weight a ton and never move out butts from our seats! If you want to be healthier, but still want to eat fun and good food, try experimenting with gluten free pizza or veggie hamburgers! You’ll be surprised at how filling vegetables and fruit can be if prepared the right way!

  1. Do some hobbies!

If you want to be fit, you don’t have to go running every day. Sure, there are people who love running, but most people don’t have the interest or the energy to run a marathon. Instead, why not make your daily exercise suit your particular tastes? Pick a hobby which is a bit physicaly demanding, like woodworking, and just buy some nice tools at pages like oscilatingtoolsdepot and get to work!

If you don’t like woodworking and are not really sure what to make, you can always play a sport which you like. A popular choice for people who usually don’t like sports is ultimate Frisbee! Running around on a field with your friends playing Frisbee – just like you did when you were a child. It’s really easy staying fit when the activity you’re doing is fun!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be useless and want to put all that energy into good use, you can always take up DIY. Sure, some might not call it a hobby, but it’s really fun to do and you can pick and choose what to make or repair. All you need for doing DIY are tools like hammers, nails, a good oscilating tool, some paint, some glue and any other materials.

  1. Travel

The best way to keep fit and healthy, both in the mind and in the body, is to travel. Low budget travel is common and easy these days, and you really don’t have any excuse for not doing it. If you want to have fun, lose some weight and try some new food while exploring the great unknown, travelling is the perfect way to do it. So don’t be scared of trying something new and enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed – fully!

4 Great Benefits of DIY

4 Great Benefits of DIYWhen thinking about mental and physical health, you probably never thought of DIY activities and something that has anything to do with that. But, on the contrary, doing a hobby is a great way to keep healthy, especially if it’s a physical hobby which relaxes you. This is why many people love DIY. It is a hobby which is both relaxing and entertaining, it can involve practically anything, it keeps you physically fit, and it can be really useful in your daily life. Here are just some of the many benefits of doing DIY work.

  1. Fulfilment

It has been proven that learning a new skill or gaining new knowledge is fulfilling and fun. It helps relax us and keeps things interesting. And there are an amazing number of various DIY areas which you can take up, so it can really be neatly tailored to suit anyone’s needs and wishes. If you’re more of a physical type, get yourself some nice tools like a glue gun and a reciprocating saw like this one, and get to work. On the other hand, if you’re more of a detail oriented person who likes small stuff, you can take up some DIY book binding or something similar. The choice is completely yours!

  1. Earning some extra cash

If you get really good at your chosen DIY, you can always try to make some money off it. There are many people out there who make their hobby into an occupation, and who manage to make a decent living doing what they love. Even though DIY projects might require some investing, it’s usually worth it. For example, wood is cheap and easy to come by, you can find great reciprocating saws at, look for a nail gun in your local hardware store and get some nice paint and brushes. Now, with a bit of work, you can start making amazing dog houses which people would pay top dollar for. Minimal investment, maximum gain for both your wallet and your health!

  1. Meeting new people

Doing DIY gives you plenty of opportunities to meet some new and exciting people who share your interests. If you do it long enough, you’ll notice that you naturally get to know people who have the same hobby, and while you’re swapping advice and stories, you naturally get closer. So if you’re missing some new people to make your life more interesting, DIY is a great bridge to new acquaintances!

  1. A deeper appreciation of things around you

Being only a consumer can sometimes make you forget how interesting things really are. When you start making things with your own hands, you naturally start to appreciate the things you already have or see around you. You begin to see the intricacies of making a fine table or the beauty of a hand-crafted lamp. It allows you to start noticing things around you better, which gives you a deeper appreciation of life itself – and isn’t that what we all need to be happy and healthy?

Archery as an Exercise

Archery as an ExerciseMany people look at archery as a sport and rightly so. There is certainly a level of skill and technique involved in aiming shots, lining up trajectories and landing an arrow in a specific target, let alone the drawing and releasing of the string itself. However, with the addition of a few exercises to work the lower body along with the upper body and sides (laterals), archery would actually make an excellent form of exercise, or more specifically, part of an excellent exercise regimen. Now we’re not talking about lifting weights here but shooting arrows, so first and foremost, be safety conscious before trying this.

Naturally you’ll need to do a little legwork to move from where you shoot to your intended target along with the area around said target – how else will you retrieve your arrows after firing them? However, you could intensify this typical and boring part of archery by running rather than walking. This is an especially useful trick if you happen to be shooting uphill, since you’ll get an amazing lower body workout after climbing up just a few times. This isn’t the only way to incorporate your lower body into the exercise though. Consider squatting once or twice before each shot.

If you’re going to be working out your lower body as well as your upper though, you will want to take some of the focus off your arms and put it into your legs instead. This will mean using a bow with a weaker draw strength, or on the other hand, using a bow with a similar draw but built in the recurve style to take advantage of the leverage action and improve the power behind each arrow. Recurve bows are also typically heavier than plainer, standard counterparts because of the extra materials used. This will give you more to carry which is usually a good thing when aiming for effective resistance training.

There is certainly an art to landing a shot and advances in bow technology have really opened the sport up to more people now than ever before. If you really think about it, all the running, shooting, squatting and climbing is a lot like fighting in a live battlefield, like during an ancient war. That doesn’t mean you should be looking for other people to shoot while you’re out exercising though – nothing of the sort!  It’s just, in doing those things, you’re really gaining an understanding of what combat was like, way back when. The soldiers of today have it much easier than those of the past.

In closing, I just want to stress one more thing. A greater degree of physical fitness will invariably lead to improved mental health as well, as the brain works better when it gets more oxygen and regular exercise is an excellent way to get more oxygen into the blood. There are other ways a healthy body supports a healthy mind, and plenty of research to support the statement, so feel free to go and read up about it. Maybe you’ll share what you find with the rest of us?

Archery as an Exercise