Old-Fashioned Fitness

Have you ever looked at the old-school bodybuilders and wondered how in the world they got to the physical shape they are in? Well, I’ll tell you one thing: it wasn’t from stretch bands and crossfit. While those things are beneficial and have their place, they are far from the best way to stay fit. The old school bodybuilders used plain old barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises to get the shape they wanted.

Machines are a great addition to the gym, but they don’t work out all of the muscles that barbells and dumbbells do. Think about it: when you’re squatting with a machine, the machine is doing all the balancing for you. When you squat with a barbell, the machine doesn’t hold that at all. Your muscles have to do all the work. Now, that may not seem like much, but there are tons of small muscles that work together that NEVER get used if you don’t use some free weights.

Take Notic

Now, I’m not saying that you should NEVER use machines or that free weights are always better. If you’ve had a shoulder injury or knee replacement, doing squats or military presses is a *terrible* idea. But if you’re healthy, you should at least consider doing the old-fashioned workouts. Here are a few of the gold standards!


Squats hit nearly every muscle in your body. The will hit your legs for sure, but they also hit your core, abs, and back in a big way. Along with deadlifts, squats are the closest thing to the perfect workout.


Deadlifts will hit everything else that squats don’t. Your shoulders and arms will feel it, as well as your lower back. Between these two workouts, your body will really see an improvement.


Running will improve everything you do in the gym. It will allow your body to store more oxygen, which results in more results in the gym. You will also see your legs and core tighten up and gain mass. Me and my buddies are running out to an overlook tomorrow, where we’re going to look at the stars with my new telescope I bought from https://likehubble.com/best-spotting-scopes-for-money/; running doesn’t have to be all work! You can mix in some fun as well.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells are a sadly underutilized part of the gym; it’s a real shame that more people don’t use them. They are better for people who might not be able to do heavy squats or deadlifts, and if you’ve had knee problems they are a lifesaver. Kettlebell swings simply involve holding the bell in both hands, swinging it between your legs, squatting as you do so, and letting it swing back up just under your chest. Your arms should be just slightly LESS than parallel to the ground. It has all the benefit of deadlifts, without as much strain and stress. It’s one of my favorite workouts!

And there you have it, some old-fashioned workouts! Try going off machines for a day or two, and giving these a try. We doubt that you’ll regret it!

Weight training for healthy bones

Weight training for healthy bonesMy aunt had recently been diagnosed with osteopenia and had been advised by her doctor to take up some weight resistance exercises. She was surprised and said so, when she called me. I told her that indeed, it was true and she had no other way than to take up some form of weight training. She hates exercises, but is active enough with her gardening and other activities that her condition was only a mild one.

It is important for youngsters to take up weight training, as it not only aids in losing fat and muscle building, but also boosts sleep and your mood, in addition to increased bone density. I usually do workouts that combine both cardio and resistance training. For a good cardio workout, I use my mmajiu-jitsu dummy, which is more fun than the regular cardio routine. I do weight training at least three times a week and when time permits on the other days too. Keeping your body fit when you are younger would certainly help you when you age. Here is what I found about bone density and weight training.

Bone strength

How strong you are determines your level of independence as you age. Hip fractures, according to statistics are a significant cause for admissions in nursing homes. I’m sure this will convince you to take up weight lifting.

Bone density, which is actually bone mineral density, is analyzed using a scan similar to X-ray called as DEXA scan. While the measurements of wrist and other parts of the body are included, the density is mainly assessed from the measurements taken form hip and spine.  The results are compared with the normal range. Osteopenia, which my aunt had, is actually a mild form of reduced level of bone density. In more severe cases where you get a highly depleted density, the condition is termed as osteoporosis. The risk level of fracture increases with the lowered bone density.

Risk of low bone density

Weight training for healthy bonesIt has been found that thin women and post-menopausal women have highest osteoporosis rates. Estrogen, which is a strong bone-building hormone, reduces after menopause increasing the risk largely. Taking up weight lifting exercise is very important for both men and women. Normally women do not lift weights and go for the cardio workouts only. Even in my BJJ classes where participants train with the grappling dummy (click here to see awesome dummies), I see more boys than girls. Martial art is actually very beneficial for all round development and both boys and girls should be motivated to take part, so they maintain a healthy and fit life even in old age.

Bone density and men

Men who have low levels of testosterone are also at increased risk of lowered bone density. Testosterone has a positive influence on density of bone directly and indirectly via its change to estrogen. Moreover, people who take steroids such as cortisone and prednisone are also at high risk.

Even if you do not fall in the high-risk category, it helps to strengthen your bones as the higher the density, the lesser negative impact you will attract.

Great Tips For A Long And Healthy Life

Great Tips For A Long And Healthy LifeIt is safe that most people in the world would like the opportunity to live as long as possible given the chance as well as the opportunity to enjoy a good and healthy life while in the process of such survival. In fact it is safe to say that a number of people wish that they could live forever as in truth individuals rarely want to die and those who do would change their mind given the opportunity of a better life than the one they may happen to be experiencing at that moment in time. Such a mindset regarding a long and enjoyable life can be described as a universal undertone present within the global community and one of the rare things that a vast majority of the world have in common with one another. Other topics may be divided into a thousand different views but the concept of long life is one that can be agreed upon by almost everyone.

A long life however unfortunately does not simply just happen and it requires a bit of effort from the individual who may wish to enjoy such a gift. One cannot simply urge himself to live longer and thus successfully survive over a century or more in the world without being willing to put in the required work that it would take to achieve such a feat.

Sad to say but the world is already a dangerous place full of accidents and misguided intentions that fill societies all over the world and one cannot be absolutely guaranteed a long and fruitful life even when they are ready to put in the effort that is required to achieve this. However choosing not to put in the work required will drastically reduce the odds of any individual who may be hoping to achieve it thus it is wiser to maintain the effort while working on such an achievement.

In this case, individuals who wish to maintain a long life can be seen ass pieces of wood that need to be worked on and an individual’s willpower in this particular scenario can be seen as the wood lathes like those at mastersofdiy.com that will be used to turn the pieces of wood to the required position. There are a number of helpful tips that an individual can follow that will assist in achieving their goal of living a long and healthy life. Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Eating healthy – This is one of the most common pieces of knowledge that can be found with regard to a long life but it should be mentioned that it is also one of the hardest things to do. Unhealthy food is quite delicious in general and thus it is easy for an individual to fall into temptation on a regular basis. However there are also healthy foods that are quite delicious as well and can be used as alternatives to the chemical soaked products available on most commercial shelves.
  • Regular exercise – This is also a hard thing to do on a regular basis but once it is done for a period of time one becomes accustomed to the effort and starts to feel like the activity is a regular part of everyday life.

Log Splitting: A Rewarding Strength Training

firewood-224907_1280If there’s anything I don’t like about gym workouts, it’s the monotony of the routines. I’m not saying that all routines are boring but there are some that I find uninteresting. Perhaps, the most boring of all routines is strength training. That’s why, every now and then, I incorporate new routines.

Among the different strength training routines I’ve done, I found log splitting to be the most energizing, effective and manly. Well, I’m not talking about using a log splitter to chop your firewood. If you are looking for a mechanical log splitter, you better visit LogSplitterPro.com for more accurate advice about different log splitter machines and models. What I’m talking about is manually splitting a stack of wood using the most primitive tools of man – the axe.

Wood splitting is a full-body workout. It works your arms, core, and back. Aside from strength training, it is also a perfect cardio workout. As you might see, wood splitting is no different from Sledgehammer workout, except that the former is more productive – you actually make your own firewood while working out.

So, how do you go about with wood splitting routine?

  1. Carefully place a log over a larger one in an upright position.
  2. Hold near the end of the maul handle using your non-dominant hand and then place your dominant hand near the maul’s head.
  3. Lift the maul head so that it is well above your head.
  4. Swing down. While swinging down, slide your dominant hand down the shaft for more concentrated force.
  5. Hit the log at its center. Add more strength to the maul as it completely splits the wood.
  6. Continue with another log.
  7. Make sure to switch your hand placement throughout the session, so that all your muscles are worked out.

axe-984008_1280No other workouts can be as rewarding as splitting logs. If you’ve already split all logs in your backyard, you can check with your neighbors if you can split their logs too. I guess, they’d be happy to save a few dollars running a gas log splitter (click this link to see how much they could save on gas.) If you’re lucky, you can even win yourself a bottle of wine or some treats.

If there’s one problem with this workout, it’s that you should never run out of log supply. In case you’ve split all the logs in your home and in your neighborhood, you might want to look for a local log ‘factory’ or manufacturer. Or if there’s none, you can just get back to the gym and wait until you have new logs to split.

If you’re bored with the all-too-common workout routines, you can experiment on variety of productive activities. Incorporate them into your strength trainings and you’d definitely feel more rewarded and satisfied after sweating out.

Your body deserves a break too. Our muscles simply love variety!

Keeping Healthy in a Fun Way

skill-saw-103124_1280Many people really take good care of their health, but most of us just can’t seem to make ourselves do any of those tiresome physical activities like jogging or going to the gym longer than a few weeks. It’s also really boring and uninteresting to eat healthy and keep away from delicious goodies. But what if we told you that keeping healthy and fit doesn’t have to be boring or tiresome? If you don’t believe us, read on and be amazed!

  1. Eating healthy – eating fun!

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to make healthy food just as interesting and fulfilling as hamburgers and pizza. For instance, why not make healthy hamburgers and pizza! If you think eating healthy all comes down to chewing broccoli all day long, you can’t be more wrong. If it was like that, we would all weight a ton and never move out butts from our seats! If you want to be healthier, but still want to eat fun and good food, try experimenting with gluten free pizza or veggie hamburgers! You’ll be surprised at how filling vegetables and fruit can be if prepared the right way!

  1. Do some hobbies!

If you want to be fit, you don’t have to go running every day. Sure, there are people who love running, but most people don’t have the interest or the energy to run a marathon. Instead, why not make your daily exercise suit your particular tastes? Pick a hobby which is a bit physicaly demanding, like woodworking, and just buy some nice tools at pages like oscilatingtoolsdepot and get to work!

If you don’t like woodworking and are not really sure what to make, you can always play a sport which you like. A popular choice for people who usually don’t like sports is ultimate Frisbee! Running around on a field with your friends playing Frisbee – just like you did when you were a child. It’s really easy staying fit when the activity you’re doing is fun!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be useless and want to put all that energy into good use, you can always take up DIY. Sure, some might not call it a hobby, but it’s really fun to do and you can pick and choose what to make or repair. All you need for doing DIY are tools like hammers, nails, a good oscilating tool, some paint, some glue and any other materials.

  1. Travel

The best way to keep fit and healthy, both in the mind and in the body, is to travel. Low budget travel is common and easy these days, and you really don’t have any excuse for not doing it. If you want to have fun, lose some weight and try some new food while exploring the great unknown, travelling is the perfect way to do it. So don’t be scared of trying something new and enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed – fully!

Things To Avoid For A Long And Healthy Life

Things To Avoid For A Long And Healthy LifeThe concept of a long and healthy life is one that is looked upon with envy by most people around the world and it is difficult to find an individual who is intent on living his life for the shortest time possible. Almost everybody wants to prolong their life to the final stretch and should they be given the opportunity to live a long life, most would grab with both hands without even thinking twice.

This is not the only characteristic that an individual would want their lives to be described by however (that is, long) as apart from an extended period of time on this earth, one would also want the opportunity to be able to enjoy this life. This is not in regard to material possessions as many would think but the underlying factor that allows one to be able to enjoy everything that they may or may not yet have which is good health. Without good health a long life is really not worth living as it would potentially be filled with pain and suffering.

However one cannot simply just wish that they had a good long life blessed with health throughout without being willing to try and maintain the said life as well as the health that is in their possession. One cannot simply take their lives and health and store them safely using a vacuum sealer like those here in an attempt to preserve the two items and it is essential for an individual to do the research on what is required in order for a person to live a long and healthy life.

Fortunately this is a topic that has been tackled in this post and there a number of items that one should be keen on avoiding should they wish to live a longer and healthier lifer. Some of these can include certain hobbies or activities that one can be prone to pick up along the way while others involve the kind of lifestyle that an individual may choose to become accustomed to. These elements have the potential to wreak havoc on an individual in both the long and short term of their life span and as mentioned earlier, should be keenly avoided.

Some of the things that an individual should avoid should they wish to enjoy a long and healthy life are:

  1. Excessive Consumption

Excessive consumption can be described as the needless intake of any substance in particular. One should provide their body with the needed quantity of any item, nothing more, and nothing less. Providing the body with more than it needs of a product such as food, medication among other things can be just as bad as providing with less than it requires and can lead to similar results.

  1. Bad Habits

There are a number of activities that can be taken up by an individual that is absolutely bad for their health and if possible should be avoided at all costs. Habits such as smoking slowly destroy the body and deter it from functioning correctly. Should such a habit already be taken up, the wisest decision would be to quit as soon as possible.

How Extreme Sports Benefits Your Health

How Extreme Sports Benefits Your HealthMany of us shun the idea of engaging extreme sports due to its associated risks. While we are not encouraging you to get involved in risky action sports anytime soon, knowing its health benefits can be another motivation that can help you conquer your fears.

Recent studies show that extreme sports are actually beneficial for your health. Contrary to what most of us think, extreme sports are not just for “sensation-seekers” as some psychologists contend. Much like any other sports, it requires intense concentration, practice and discipline. Being able to complete a stunt or achieve a milestone without being hurt offers a unique, even transcendental experience.

Extreme sports are defined as actions sports wherein any mismanaged mistake can lead to serious injuries or death. Think of waterfall kayaking, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, big wave surfing, circuit motorcycling and bungee jumping. However, we often broadly use this term to include any recreational activity that requires extreme action but with moderate or minimal risks to life.

According to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, individuals who are engage in extreme sports are actually better off than most of us. Conquering dangerous physical challenges could help boost mental health, thus extreme athletes tend to be more self-assertive, more composed and relaxed, and more independent. These tension-filled sports also give a higher sense of reality. If you are into extreme adventures, you’ll probably agree with this study.

Engaging in risky action sports involves a pervading sense of defeating fear and conquering death. Every time you emerge unscathed, you feel that you become a better person. Aside from overcoming fear and death, extreme sports let you experience high-stress situations that you cannot experience on a daily basis. It allows you to test boundaries of existence which is an essential part of being human.

Despite safety features designed to help minimize the dangers related to extreme sports, the risk of self destruction is still ever present. If you are engaged in motorcycle stunts or motorcycle racing, you would likely be required to wear helmets, such as those here at http://www.motorcyclistlife.com/. While helmets can help protect the head and minimize injuries, it does not absolutely guarantee your life. Any miscalculated error can lead to untimely death.

Interviews with extreme athletes reveal that their experience of conquering intense fear actually developed “transformational” changes in sense of self and in confidence. To put it simply, surpassing great fears increases psychological well-being and increases life-fulfillment – a profound, positive psychological experience that will stay all through your life.

The good news, however, is that you do not need to kayak off a fifty-foot waterfall or jump off a bridge or drive your motorcycle beyond the speed limits to experience this kind of fulfillment. Major life-changing events, such as losing a job or starting a new business, involve intense fear and triumphing over these difficulties can result in the same level of psychological benefit. Every time you emerge from life’s setbacks, you emerge more emotionally stable and mentally tough.

Kayaking – a mental and physical exercise

Kayaking – a mental and physical exerciseKayaking is an extremely fun adventure sport, which makes use of a kayak across moving water. Similar to canoeing, kayaking is often done in the river rapids and thousands of people are fans of this sport from all over the world.

Used across a number of different activities, kayaking is included across fishing, diving, for exploration purposes and even in rescue missions. The adaptability and the manoeuvrability of the kayak make it the vehicle of choice in moving waters. The popularity of kayaking as an adventure sport is on the rise all over the world.

While kayaking is definitely a strenuous physical sport which involves a lot of stamina and strength, the sport also needs a great deal of mental strength and patience. The sport definitely demands strong arms and a strong upper torso, but these characteristics can easily be developed and anyone can start learning how to use a kayak effectively.

The difficult portion rather lies in training the mind for this intense physical experience. Kayaking requires solidarity and the ability to make quick decisions. While people may be experts at paddling, an error in judgement or a loss in patience can prove to be disastrous in kayaking.

Indeed, even before one uses a kayak for the first time, the basics of learning how to save oneself and other in moving water will need to be learnt. It is only after this fear is removed that a person can fully and thoroughly enjoy the kayaking experience.

Once this is done, people will need how to paddle effectively and how to manoeuvre the kayak. This is where some patience will be required as some time is needed for building up the muscles of the body. However, this can easily be achieved with some amount of practice.

With an effective knowledge of paddling, manoeuvring and rescuing oneself from the waters, kayaking can prove to be incredibly thrilling as an adventure sport. There are a range of diverse activities that can be done while kayaking and it can prove to be great fun as an outdoor group activity as well. There are a number of fun games and sports that can be played using a kayak as well.

Other tips that people should know about the sport before attempting it are to always dress appropriately for the water and to choose a kayak proportionate to the size of the body. Doing so allows better manoeuvrability and allows individuals to control the boat better.

Today, kayaks are manufactured in different designs and are made out of different materials (you can view all necessary info on kayaks at http://www.kayakouch.com/). Every type of kayak will have its specific set of followers and individuals will need some experimentation in order to determine which kayak suits their body the best.

Kayaking is an intricate balancing of the body and the mind. Without this balance, even with proper paddling and strokes, the experience will be lifeless and joyless. However, when the mind, the body and the boat are all in sync, the experience can be one of the most uplifting ones.

Physical Activity for Healthy Life

Physical Activity for Healthy LifeI got off from work early today to visit my neighbor in the hospital. He had had a severe heart attack, a few days back. Fortunately, he was saved, as he got medical help immediately. He said it was his busy work life, (he worked 12 to 13 hours a day) that had made him end up in hospital. He had very little time to relax and take care of his diet. Though he has membership in the same gym as me, I’ve never seen him there. He confessed that he had not been to the gym for a long, long time.

Many people are in the same situation as my neighbor. Either they are way too busy to think of exercise or don’t like to put in the effort. A recent study on the routine physical activity needed for being healthy has revealed that most people do not get the required activity for staying healthy. Only one in twenty are doing the right activity each week.

Increasing illness risk

Sitting down for hours continuously watching TV, at work in front of the computer, playing video games etc. can increase ill health risk largely. What you need is involve yourself in activities that help in maintaining a healthy heart, reduce serious illness risk and improve the strength of bones and muscles. Exercise also has another key benefit, which is minimizing the stress level and lifting your spirits when you are depressed.

Getting Involved

Physical Activity for Healthy LifeAdults need to be active for a minimum of 150 minutes in a week. Kids of age 5 to 16 should take part in physical activity for a minimum of one hour per day and for kids below 5 years three hours of physical activity is must. I usually go on hunting and fishing trips during weekends and put on my hunting boots without fail to keep me comfortable.

While kids have playtime at school and at home, they get to play with their friends, adults find it hard to take some time off work to involve in physical activity like my neighbor. The responsibility at work and home can leave you very little time to do activity of any kind.  Take up a hobby that involves activity. Hobbies let you relax and enjoy and they give the added benefit of physical activity. Here are some ideas that will help in keeping you fit, strong and energetic.

  • There are many inexpensive ways to be active. You can go on hiking or trekking. A hunting trip with the right hunting equipment also offers a great way to enjoy your trip and do some physical exertion.
  • You can plan on how you want to spend your precious free time, so it is packed with activities that set your heart rate racing. A weekly plan to start with will help.
  • Jogging on a different route every day or walking to different places will add variety to an otherwise dull routine
  • When you do activity along with family or friends, it is more fun and enjoyable. A fifteen minutes’ walk after dinner with family is a great way to clear the cobwebs and cover the required daily activity
  • Gardening is a good choice that gets you outdoors and exercises your body. You get to grow your own vegetables and flowers, which is an added advantage

Longboarding for Better Health

Longboarding for Better HealthThere’s nothing better for your physical health than getting more active. Some people cut calories like crazy from their diet, thinking if they just take less in, they won’t have so much energy left over and converting to fat at the end of the day. As a fit person, I know better than this. Muscle burns a whopping amount of calories when compared to fatty tissue – as much as 5x the calories over a given time period. Building muscle requires ingesting enough energy and proteins to actually feel good enough to exercise in the first place. As to the specific exercise, practically anything will do; even longboarding.

Longboarding is a lot like skateboarding, in that the user propels himself or herself by kicking and pumping with one leg. The boards are fairly similar too – four wheels, enough room for both feet, sturdy enough construction to support a person’s body weight. There is one major difference however, and it should be easy enough to tell from a glance. Longboards are just longer. This adds an increased level of stability to them when compared to standard skateboards, and it also opens up other sport opportunities thanks to its increased length.

Because they are generally long enough for a user to lie back flat atop them, longboards are very popular substitutes for sleds during the warmer months. Sleds need snow, naturally, but longboards will work just as well on dirt, cement, asphalt, anything that’s more or less even, really. Lying back and rocketing down a hill using a longboard is referred to as luging, and it’s a high-speed, high-danger sport that really takes a special kind of person to enjoy. In this respect, longboards are geared to more than just transportation and tricks, like skateboards. They are too long and bulky to do most tricks anyhow, so there’s that too.

Wheels make moving loads over distances easier than trying to move the same load over the same distance without wheels. This is true of boxes, bags and other items, as well as people. That’s not to say you would get more exercise just from walking, rather than riding. Longboarding puts a heavy emphasis on maintaining balance, and I guarantee your core will get a solid workout just from boarding for about 20 minutes a day. There’s enough swiveling, dipping, bending and more in that small time span to make longboarding worthwhile and even a good idea for a method of exercise.

If longboarding sounds like something you might want to try, then you need to find a good board first of all. I recommend checking out http://longboardingnation.com/ to get information about the sport, the gear, safety equipment and more. It’s a good place to go for honest reviews about different types of boards as well, which is good if you don’t want information besides which longboard is better than the next. Longboarding can certainly help improve your health, and with a reliable resource which you can trust, like the one above, it could go very well for you.