Getting rid of stress the natural, healthy way

Getting rid of stress the natural, healthy wayIt does not matter how healthy you think you are, you are still dealing unfairly with more than enough stress that you think you can handle these days. Most of us will agree that it cannot be helped. After all, today’s urban lifestyle is necessarily a busy one, consumed and influenced by long working hours and tight deadlines which ultimately work against you when it comes to preserving your sanity and keeping your body clock in check. Most of us have done well so far. The perception is that we are coping well and, where necessary, have taken measures to allow us to handle the stress of everyday life.

Cancel your gym membership

We’d like to suggest to you right now that the guy who is already taking out all of his frustrations on a rigid, freestanding punching bag in the back of his garden in his garage or even in his bedroom, is already better off than you are. Here’s why. Pressed for time, you’ve taken quick-fix remedies such as vitamin boosters and stress busters (all in pill form) instead of taking your foot off the accelerator and spending a little more care and time over planning and preparing healthy substitutes, mainly in the form of water, freshly-squeezed juice, fruit and vegetables.

The punching guy has already done this, otherwise where did he manage to find all those raging reserves of energy to knock the lifeless lights out of a dummy or bag. As a necessarily social creature, you are still prone to letting off your own steam with colleagues and friends down at the local bar, painting this exercise as team-building. You hardly use it, but you still pride yourself on your annual gym membership. The punching guy cancelled his a long time ago.

Long walks and organic conversations

When you do drag yourself to the gym, usually at the last minute, you end up stressing more by having to stand in long queues, waiting impatiently to use your favorite apparatus. It turns out that this gizmo is everyone else’s favorite too. We wonder why. The freestanding punching bag is not that guy’s only friend. The only queue he stands in these days, and it’s generally not long and usually comes with pleasant banter about all things natural and good for you anyhow, is the organic food produce store.

He walks to the store, and when he’s not skipping rope, he’s taking lots of other slightly longer walks, usually a little ways out of town. Instead of popping pills, he has already taken care of his wholesome dietary needs as well.

Stress levels are reduced exponentially

And did you know that while you’re still stressing over things that you have little control over as well as lifestyle issues you could very well tackle, the punching guy has reduced his stress levels exponentially by doing things the natural and healthy way. One more thing before we go, this guy, a teetotaler and non-smoker, doesn’t need anger management classes either.

Why Sugar Is Bad For Your Health

Why Sugar Is Bad For Your HealthIt is sweet and can make food better, but not healthier. Sugar is all around us so we get used to it. However, according to numerous researches, sugar is bad for your health. It has a negative effect on your metabolism and it can cause many diseases, including type 2 diabetes! Even worse, sugar has a negative effect on most organs and chemical processes in your body. Eventually, you are going to need medicines and prescriptions in order to fix the damage caused by sugar.

The biggest problem is that a lot of food contains refined sugar. When you consume it, sugar levels in your blood are significantly increased. Because of that, pancreases releases high amounts of insulin. Eventually, your body becomes insulin resistant, and you develop type 2 diabetes! If there is no physical activity involved, sugar is stored and it acts like a reserve fuel. This also means that you get more weight. That’s why all healthy diets eliminate sugar rich food.

The best known form of sugar is white table sugar. However, there is another type, known as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It has been developed so it can extend the shelf life of certain products. In this form, HFCS is very quickly absorbed by our body. It is transported to our liver, where it increases the fat production. This type of sugar causes a disease known as ‘’fatty liver’’. Having a long and healthy life, is only possible if you eliminate this type of sugar from your diet.

Luckily for you, there are some alternatives. As aforementioned, the first step is eliminating HFCS and sugar rich food out of your life. The next step is to find a substitute. The first choice would be dark chocolate. The main ingredient is cacao solids which have a positive effect on blood sugar. It also contains polyphenyls and antioxidants, which are helpful in controlling glucose levels. This type of chocolate is even recommended for type 2 diabetes patients. You can take up to 2 squares a day of dark chocolate. It will provide you health benefits and it will help you with sugar craving.

Eating fruit can increase sugar levels in your blood as well. The situation is even worse if you eat food rich in refined sugar. The solution is very simple. All you need to do is to eat nuts before eating sugar rich food. Nuts, like walnuts, can help you in regulating sugar levels in your blood. This is just one of advantages of healthy eating.

The best sugar substitute, according to some people is stevia. It is a plant that has been used in the medicine for thousands of years. You should try to find leaf powder. It is the best form of stevia. If you want even more natural form, liquid form is a better choice. The last form of stevia is white powder. However, it has an aftertaste, so it isn’t the best choice, but some people like it. In general, stevia is a much healthier alternative than refined sugar.

Fitness Equipment – Now And Then

The need for fitness for human beings dates back to times since the start of civilization. The need for man to equip himself with the techniques of remaining fit came from the utter desire of man to live long and prosper. The desire to live a longer life encouraged man to involve himself in finding out the means which could enable him to stay in shape and remain fit and active and keep illness at bay. Thus the equipment and the technologies behind the science of keeping one fit and healthy came into existence and the interest of man in this field has been constantly engaging ever since.

Well, to keep one fit and healthy one must need to know the basics of the human anatomy. The science of the human body and the knowledge of its working and activities is one thing that one be well master at before one can truly engage himself in the work of finding out new means and techniques that will make way for ne inventions in the field of human fitness and health. And who could do that well than a physician himself who is obviously the master of medicine and human anatomy. So it is well expected that he will be having the knowledge needed to execute such an important invention at the tips of his fingers, because the idea of keeping one in shape and fit must be in tune with general health of the person. The health in general of the subject should not, rather must not be compromised with. But, well the days began not quietly as it was thought and planned.

The first ever exercise equipment that was introduced in the market was more like a torture device than something that would be used for physical fitness by any average person. It was anything else than what you would expect your device for giving you a longer would be. There are still some of those old equipments like the kettle bells which are still in use today. They are still used along with other stuffs with more modifications that will help you reduce your waistline. Learn more at WaistPatrol.

The barbells and stationary bicycles were in the market back the as well and they were much common among the common people. Gustav Zander, a Swedish doctor in the late 19th century, came up with something more innovative, which was a mechanical horse, which was more like Stairmaster of today.

These days the technologies and the equipments as well have changes considerably for good for almost all things and the field of fitness and health can’t shy from it. But the idea of the things remains more or less the same. Say for example the early Victorian era dress part corset which was in use for long all over Europe and elsewhere to give good shape to the ladies have made a comeback and in is vogue in fashion and you can access one of them really easily by going online. Read more about it here.

So to sum up, though the beginning of the fitness equipments have not been very well but it continues to rule our world irrelevantly and overwhelmingly.

Handle Your The Stress and Enjoy Life

Success is the forbidden fruit all thrives for. Forbidden? Well, no matter how much we hang our tongues in its eager await, success almost always come with something asking against it. It may be something materialistic and that could be if met with and then only you could taste the sweet wine of success.

But if the ransom in return for the success is something more intense like, for example,  your personal happiness and a part and portion of your me time or family time then the sweet harmonious soothing instrument of success is no more as soothing as it should have been. Thus the ideas of being successful and the state of being successful are two different things that should be dealt with very carefully and with acute intensity. It is one of those fruits which you have desire for a long time but when you actually eat it causes you immense e pain and you can’t swallow it and again you can’t spit it out since you have so dearly wanted it for so long and worked so hard for. What a dilemma it is!

But people who could cope up with success and failures at the same time can only call himself a true human being as he or she possess the rightful qualities that one must possess to lead an ideal life. It was well expressed in the poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling, where he said, ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those two impostors just the same;’ and truly that is how one should treat the stress of them all.

Stress is a very important part of our lives. It is a necessary evil. We need it in times when a work in need to be completed and in some specific small amount of time.  And these times stress acts as the motivator who pushes you the brink and makes it sure that you work hard and make the best of that time and opportunity by bringing out the best in you. But in other times the stress of some other matters really worries you and takes you to cliff edge where you are alone and desperate and this desperation makes you to commit things that you are really not the type to do. But in both the cases stress takes a toll on your health. Whichever way it might work it works against the normalcy of your body and does everything to keep yourself not health and fit.

There are many a ways to relief stress. Get yourself a hobby. Just visit and get yourself an instrument to play in your leisure and you make sure you have your leisure. Take time out and do yoga and meditation. Do gardening and give yourself and the plants in your garden and in your window shelf a whole new way to look into life. Surely this will add life and green to you as well.

There are many more ways to relief stress. You just need to find out your best way and hit it. Life will turn into something more beautiful.

Healthier Gift Ideas for the Season of Giving

quadrocopter-1033642_1280With the season of gift-giving fast approaching, perhaps you’re already thinking about perfect gift ideas. Instead of going for the all too common and ubiquitous digital gadgets, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, it may be best to consider ‘healthy’ gift items.

Yes, organic produce, health supplements and other similar stuff are great, but these gift items would appeal only to grown-ups – not youngsters. For kids and kids-at-heart, you may want to consider gadgets, items and stuff that would promote physical activity. Those items that would encourage young people to walk, run, and stay in the outdoors instead of leading a sedentary life. While looking for an item that fits the bill, I’ve come across – this website has some nice reviews about different these flying crafts. And these quadcopters seems to meet my requirements.

Quadcopters are best played in the outdoors. They require its users to roam around while remotely operating the aircraft. Unlike playing on computer games, quadcopters lets its users experience the real thing. You’ll have to move around and sweat and spend more time outside. It’s tremendously fun and healthy – without you knowing it. You can list quadcopter as one of the possible gifts this coming Christmas. And what’s great about these toys is that teens, youngsters (and even the grown-ups) will love them.

There are many other games and stuffs that promote the outdoors. A starter camping kit might inspire a teen to go hiking or camping. Perhaps, they have long been dreaming about embarking on an adventure but just haven’t been able to because they lack equipment. Other gift ideas that promote physical activity for the young include badminton/volleyball set, portable ping-pong, bow and arrow set, Frisbee and other outdoor toys. If you want this Christmas to be a little grander, you can go for a mountain bike, a full camping gear, hunting kit, archery set, longboard, surfboard, and others.

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is actually a nice gift idea for both teens and young adults. Check out this review to see what I’m talking about. It’s got some nice specs that will certainly make its new owner want to play with it more often. By sending out such healthy gifts, you actually help them stay healthier (of course, that’s assuming that they’d use it for the right purpose.)

Finally, no matter what item you choose for the person you’re giving your gift to, you have to consider what they like and don’t like. If an active outdoor stuff is something they repulse or something that is completely out of their radar, then it may be wise to just go for a less healthy one. Gift them with what delights their heart but it won’t hurt to give them a healthy one!

Log Splitting: A Rewarding Strength Training

firewood-224907_1280If there’s anything I don’t like about gym workouts, it’s the monotony of the routines. I’m not saying that all routines are boring but there are some that I find uninteresting. Perhaps, the most boring of all routines is strength training. That’s why, every now and then, I incorporate new routines.

Among the different strength training routines I’ve done, I found log splitting to be the most energizing, effective and manly. Well, I’m not talking about using a log splitter to chop your firewood. If you are looking for a mechanical log splitter, you better visit for more accurate advice about different log splitter machines and models. What I’m talking about is manually splitting a stack of wood using the most primitive tools of man – the axe.

Wood splitting is a full-body workout. It works your arms, core, and back. Aside from strength training, it is also a perfect cardio workout. As you might see, wood splitting is no different from Sledgehammer workout, except that the former is more productive – you actually make your own firewood while working out.

So, how do you go about with wood splitting routine?

  1. Carefully place a log over a larger one in an upright position.
  2. Hold near the end of the maul handle using your non-dominant hand and then place your dominant hand near the maul’s head.
  3. Lift the maul head so that it is well above your head.
  4. Swing down. While swinging down, slide your dominant hand down the shaft for more concentrated force.
  5. Hit the log at its center. Add more strength to the maul as it completely splits the wood.
  6. Continue with another log.
  7. Make sure to switch your hand placement throughout the session, so that all your muscles are worked out.

axe-984008_1280No other workouts can be as rewarding as splitting logs. If you’ve already split all logs in your backyard, you can check with your neighbors if you can split their logs too. I guess, they’d be happy to save a few dollars running a gas log splitter (click this link to see how much they could save on gas.) If you’re lucky, you can even win yourself a bottle of wine or some treats.

If there’s one problem with this workout, it’s that you should never run out of log supply. In case you’ve split all the logs in your home and in your neighborhood, you might want to look for a local log ‘factory’ or manufacturer. Or if there’s none, you can just get back to the gym and wait until you have new logs to split.

If you’re bored with the all-too-common workout routines, you can experiment on variety of productive activities. Incorporate them into your strength trainings and you’d definitely feel more rewarded and satisfied after sweating out.

Your body deserves a break too. Our muscles simply love variety!

Are our lives becoming shorter?

Are our lives becoming shorter?Ever wonder about the longevity our lives? How old can a person live? What is the eligible age for death? How do we determine which is the appropriate time to call it off; call it a day and just die? These questions are very essential yet very seldom asked. May be because there are no solid answers for these questions, and that is why we are reluctant to just stick to our questions. Since there are no definitive answers to these queries we often just stop asking them for good. For the question or the problem does not die with just us shutting up. It lingers in our brains and will always do until we find what our mind and heart seeks for.

Mortality has always been a threat to human kind. Man has always been in the earnest desire to beat death at its own game and gain victory over mortality. In this quest of immortality many have lost their all. Immortality has taken many lives and all that was dear to the seeker. In this grand quest many have taken paths which included ways and means that were not at all ethical. But once you get the dose of the drugs called beating death and living forever, who cares about ethics? One may just get their very own ultimate and powerful weapon from ArbalistZone and go on for a killing party. But these weapons are invented for being neither such inhuman destruction machine nor the idea of immortality is. The both ideas are just impractical.

But through the ages people in their quest to win victory over death they have sacrificed many lives. In the name of irrational practices of witchcraft, voodoo, and so on mad men have just swept blood everywhere they could. But the idea of immortality is as impractical as it ever could be even in this technologically advanced age. Men are to die. But we can increase the longevity of our lives and live extra few years or even a decade more if we live and follow a healthy lifestyle. Not all things we follow to live our lives is as practical or as healthy as they sound. We often get lured by the advertisements and the endorsements in different electronic and print media and get to the aisles in the supermarkets and grab stuffs that are much harm causing to our health and are not at all healthy or fit as they promise it to be. They are all stuffed with chemicals and genetically engineered things.

We must go for natural stuffs are they are much healthier options to opt for. They are the reasons why people from the earlier days or those living in rural area live longer than us. Because they are neither exposed to the unhealthy and unethical things like packed foods which are there just to fool us in buying them and make profits for the big companies nor they are exposed to the high level of pollutions that we experience. Air, water and soil pollution as well as noise pollution with the pollution in our day to day things has made our lives much shorter than usual.

Garden Tool Favorites

barrow-2770_1280As you probably already know, I’m really into green energy, as well as researching different types of sustainable homes and gardens. I have a garden of my own, in which I put a lot of effort. I believe everyone should have their own piece of land, and at least something they’ve cultivated on their own. I rarely stumble upon something that beats that amazing feeling you get while watching your own tomatoes grow.

That’s why, during the years, I’ve accumulated a large number of different gardening tools, everything from shovels to lawn mowers. So if you’re new to the whole gardening thing, you might benefit from what I have to say about some of those tools. Here’s a list of my favorites, and the reasons why I think they’re so great.


In my opinion, you’re not really doing gardening until you buy your own pruner. And I’m not saying this because I’m some kind of a gardening snob – pruners really are among the essentials. In order to grow like they’re supposed to, most plants require regular and careful pruning, which can’t be done unless you have the right tools. So if you don’t have one, you should consider buying it!

Pole saw

This is one of my absolute favorites, and not just because it’s useful. Pole saws are the perfect tools for those who have a garden with lots of trees and bushes. They allow you to prune and shape your plants just the way you want, and what makes them even better is the fact that all this is done with minimal effort. It’s actually kind of fun. So if you want to get serious with your gardening, you should definitely check them out. You can start here:


Getting the right soil for your plants is a huge part of maintaining your garden properly, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need to maintain the soil itself, because as time passes by, it loses the nutrients it had when you first bought it, or planted something in it. To keep it rich with nutrients, you’ll have to buy minerals and fertilizers, but also the right tools to get them into the soil. A cultivator is, in my opinion, your best option.

Soil knife

It might sound ridiculous – the thought of owning a knife that’s specially designed for digging up and dividing plants, but it’s actually necessary, at least if you don’t want to damage the plants while handling them.

Edging knife

If you want your lawn to look extra pretty and neat, you should consider buying yourself an edging knife. It’s a tool that looks like something between a really long knife and a shovel, and is specially designed to make it easy for you to trim the edges of your lawn.

Block paving knife

On the other hand, if you have a nice paving somewhere in your garden, and don’t want the weeds sticking out from it, you’ll appreciate what a block paving knife can do for you.

Best Ways To Save Energy

Ceiling lampWe’ve all heard the words “Turn off the lights!” or “Close the refrigerator doors!” while growing up. During those times such phrases must have sounded funny, but when a person starts to manage their own home and living costs that all changes.

We can use energy whenever we need it and sometimes it is easy to forget where it comes from or how much it costs. Saving energy is not just about being environmentally friendly, but also about saving your money. So here are some of the best ways for saving energy in various life situations.

Unplug your devices

The easiest way to save on energy is by cutting expenses at home. It is hard to believe the fact that leaving a computer on all day can cost 21 cents per day, or $75a year, but it’s true, so unplug your electronics and devices when you’re not using them.

Use LED lighting on your car

Replacing normal lamps with quality LED lights can save a lot of energy. One of their main advantages is the fact that they will probably outlive your car – they have an outstanding operational life time of over 50,000 hours. Apart from this, the lights are free of toxic chemicals, they are 100% recyclable and they produce zero UV emissions. LED lights illuminate a much larger area than other headlights, so when driving in the dark or in bad weather conditions, having these lights can make a world of difference.

Use energy-efficient lights

Nowadays you can find light bulbs that use 75 percent less energy and last about 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Now that you know this, you’ll probably want to head to the store in search for a CFL bulb. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are eco-friendly, which means that by buying one you will save energy and money – it could save you $30over the course of every light bulb’s life. Beside CFLs it is good to take LEDs in consideration since they are also energy-efficient.

Plant some trees

The best way of cutting your summer energy bill is to plant trees in front of the house. The trees will provide the shade and reduce your home’s exposure to the Sun. With properly planted trees, your savings during the summer can rise to somewhere between 15 and 50 percent. Not only does this reduce energy bills, it also helps to fight climate change, so it is one of the best types of green energy.

Use a thermostat

A programmable thermostat costs around $50, and it can lower your power bills by 10 percent, but only if it is set at a 10 degrees lower temperature than it normally is during the night. Just remember the fact that every degree above 20 degrees can add 10% to your power bill.

Make your fuel cost-efficient

You can save energy while driving as well. Using the Air Twister or a washable air filter can change a lot of things, and one of them is the efficiency of your gas. You can get more power and energy out of the same amount of gas that you burn. It also reduces CO2 emission just by increasing the flow of air into the engine, and thus making the fuel burn more smoothly.

Keeping Healthy in a Fun Way

skill-saw-103124_1280Many people really take good care of their health, but most of us just can’t seem to make ourselves do any of those tiresome physical activities like jogging or going to the gym longer than a few weeks. It’s also really boring and uninteresting to eat healthy and keep away from delicious goodies. But what if we told you that keeping healthy and fit doesn’t have to be boring or tiresome? If you don’t believe us, read on and be amazed!

  1. Eating healthy – eating fun!

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to make healthy food just as interesting and fulfilling as hamburgers and pizza. For instance, why not make healthy hamburgers and pizza! If you think eating healthy all comes down to chewing broccoli all day long, you can’t be more wrong. If it was like that, we would all weight a ton and never move out butts from our seats! If you want to be healthier, but still want to eat fun and good food, try experimenting with gluten free pizza or veggie hamburgers! You’ll be surprised at how filling vegetables and fruit can be if prepared the right way!

  1. Do some hobbies!

If you want to be fit, you don’t have to go running every day. Sure, there are people who love running, but most people don’t have the interest or the energy to run a marathon. Instead, why not make your daily exercise suit your particular tastes? Pick a hobby which is a bit physicaly demanding, like woodworking, and just buy some nice tools at pages like oscilatingtoolsdepot and get to work!

If you don’t like woodworking and are not really sure what to make, you can always play a sport which you like. A popular choice for people who usually don’t like sports is ultimate Frisbee! Running around on a field with your friends playing Frisbee – just like you did when you were a child. It’s really easy staying fit when the activity you’re doing is fun!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be useless and want to put all that energy into good use, you can always take up DIY. Sure, some might not call it a hobby, but it’s really fun to do and you can pick and choose what to make or repair. All you need for doing DIY are tools like hammers, nails, a good oscilating tool, some paint, some glue and any other materials.

  1. Travel

The best way to keep fit and healthy, both in the mind and in the body, is to travel. Low budget travel is common and easy these days, and you really don’t have any excuse for not doing it. If you want to have fun, lose some weight and try some new food while exploring the great unknown, travelling is the perfect way to do it. So don’t be scared of trying something new and enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed – fully!