Best Reasons to Stay Healthy

Best Reasons to Stay HealthyA lot of people will tell you that getting in shape, boosting your health or cutting back on the amount of calories you take in every day are all good things. Those same people often fail to explain exactly why cutting back on foods or ramping up on activity are good options for someone trying to get healthy. That stops here. In my experience, these are the best reasons to stay healthy. Naturally, they might be even better reasons for some readers, or not even valid for others, so feel free to share comments below.

  1. Improving your longevity is a basic benefit of increasing physical activity levels. Healthier people tend to live longer than those who aren’t in the best health, so this should be pretty simple here. Strong muscles can do more work than weak ones, strong immune systems can better fight off infections than weak ones, and the list of benefits just rolls right along. This is a top reason to stay healthy and often the driving factor behind people who begin weight loss programs.
  2. Reducing healthcare costs goes hand in hand with improving the length of your life. If you get sick less often, if you get injured less often, then you get hit with those massive medical bills less often too. While getting into peak physical condition might not be a major draw for many who start exercising, I think the majority of those who are in poor health would agree that saving money anywhere is a good thing.
  3. Not only do you feel better in better health, but you tend to look better too. There is less sagging as gravity loses its hold on folds of fat, and I don’t think this reason really needs any explanation. Just look at a few of the people you pass by the next time you’re out getting groceries, visiting the library of performing some other regular task. Would you rather look like the huge, obese and out of shape ones, or the trim, fit and healthy ones?
  4. If you’re a man, then better physical health will most likely lead to better sex as well. High blood pressure and other blood woes which come with being significantly overweight manifest differently in males than in females. Guys will certainly notice when they begin getting erections less often, or can’t maintain the erections they do get like they normally could. An improved sex life is certainly a good reason to stay healthy, but it’s not nearly the only one.
  5. Improved mental health is another good reason to elevate your physical health too. With the increased blood flow which comes naturally with lowering your blood pressure and improving your circulation with things like regular exercise, you are getting more oxygen moving to your brain every minute of every day. It might not be immediately apparent, but try measuring your reaction times before you start exercising and after you’ve gotten into shape. You may be surprised by what you see.
  6. There is a certain kind of confidence which accompanies being in top physical condition. Now, I’m not saying that you need to be exercising an hour a day, five days a week, doing full contact drills or other physically strenuous stuff. It’s possible to get fit and feel better about yourself while putting in significantly less effort than professional athletes do. For a real boost in confidence, there are few better options than ditching some extra pounds.
  1. Living to a ripe old age is rather redundant if you spend those latter years bedridden and ill due to a life lived without consideration for your physical health. If you want to thrive at an old age, not just survive, then you need to be taking better care of your body now, while it’s still young enough that you can push it without fearing about a limb, ligament or other bit of you breaking down. It’s a lot harder to get started once you’re older, trust me.
  2. Heightened energy levels are another natural benefit to getting active and getting into better shape. What you do with all that extra energy is really up to you, but I guarantee you’ll be spending a lot less time napping and a lot more time doing, well, whatever you want, if you manage to get over that initial hurdle of being out of shape. If you aren’t old but you feel old, you could probably stand to get up and get active a little more often.
  3. I already mentioned something about better bodily health, but avoiding diseases and debilitating illnesses is another big benefit to improving your physical health. This one is so good, it deserves its own spot on this list. If your body is better able to deal with the little bacteria, viruses and other things trying to kill you every day, then you’re less likely to end up bedridden or in a hospital over an infection of some sort.
  4. The last reason on this list, and certainly not the least of these 10 reasons to get healthy, is for posterity. I’m not talking about history books or something like that – I mean your kids, and their kids, your grandchildren, you know? Once you’re gone, there’s going to be a big hole in their lives that won’t ever be filled. Naturally, you can’t elect to live forever, but if you take good care of your body now, you can likely look forward to more happy years with your folks.

I’m sure there are other good reasons to get into shape too. They are probably more specific than these though, like making the weigh in for a boxing class or something very specific like that. These are more like general, positive effects of getting into better shape. Still, there are so many of these general benefits that there’s no reason for people to still not be using a diet plan or exercising these days. You know your body needs it, you know how you will benefit and you know what needs to be done. Do it!

Benefits of Right Diet Plan

Benefits of Right Diet PlanLots of health professionals and fitness experts recommend people pick up a diet plan and stop just eating the first thing that looks good. That’s good advice, since calorie intake has a big part to play in whether people are putting on weight or dropping it at the end of any given day. However, what are the benefits of the right diet plan, really? How does one’s life improve when they make the conscious choice to eat a few less fatty, sugary treats and more of the fruits and vegetables their bodies are looking for?

When you get right down to it, a person’s level of health is measured by a series of numbers. You’re probably familiar with the weight or mass measurements, but what about blood pressure, or pulse readings, or protein or lipid counts in the blood, or even antibody and white blood cell counts? All of these are measured through numbers too, but most of us don’t have the proper equipment sitting at home to measure these health indicators. That’s why getting to a doctor or other physician is as important as changing the foods you eat.

The right diet plan will help you in many ways. Not only will it assist in keeping down counts for cholesterol, lipids, blood sugar and the levels of other items within your blood, but it will ultimately make it so you stop wanting to eat those fatty, sugary foods that make your blood go bad in the first place. Stress is a major factor behind the food and drink choices people make, and those who are stressed out often reach for alcohol or soda, or some of the comfort foods they really enjoy, hoping to take the edge off their current situation.

A proper diet plan for you involves more than just cutting out the foods and drinks that are bad for your body. You also need to increase your intake of healthy alternatives, usually by adding a little bit here and there, to the three or more meals you already eat in a day. The food guide pyramid is your friend here, since every meal you eat should have a representative from each portion of the pyramid in it. Get at least two cups of fresh fruit and one cup of fresh vegetables every day, and don’t forget several ounces of whole grains; not that bleached, milled stuff they use to make white bread either.

If you don’t buy vitamins, minerals and other supplements, this last major benefit will likely be lost to you. However, those who get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the foods and drinks they ingest don’t need to take supplements to get those same nutrients from other sources. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for putting one less pill into my body every day. Besides, those supplements are usually loaded with man-made vitamins and minerals, which don’t absorb quite like their natural counterparts since they are, in essence, unnatural. This is a big benefit that shouldn’t be ignored.

Why Physical Activity is Important

Why Physical Activity is ImportantI’ve heard it before in the past. “Why should I get active? I’m just going to die eventually anyhow. What’s the point?” If it’s not a line eerily similar to that one, it’s something nearly identical that just looks a little different anyhow. That kind of hopeless, nihilistic attitude can certainly stop people from taking the necessary steps to improve their physical fitness levels. It’s a defeatist’s way of looking at the world, and like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

There is more than enough research surrounding the subject that books could be written about physical activity and why it is important. Certainly, books have been written, dozens and perhaps even hundreds, but that doesn’t mean people are reading them. How could you expect folks to go looking for that sort of information, if they truly feel like the person I’ve outlined up above? You can’t. Since they won’t go looking for the information of their own volition, it’s up to you to tell them and other people about why physical activity is important.

Here are just a few facts and figures for you, all of which are easy enough to verify. It’s been medically certified that those who perform regular physical activity get:

-          About a 30% lower risk of acquiring depression.

-          About a 30% lower chance of developing dementia.

-          Nearly a 30% lesser chance of dying at a young age.

-          Almost a 50% lesser chance of developing Type 2 diabetes.

-          Up to a 50% reduced risk of developing colon cancer.

-          Much, much more!

With the myriad benefits available to those who finally decide to get up and get active, it’s kind of surprising that we have so many people ballooning in size among our population. If you want to look at it from a different angle, consider this: being overweight and inactive will invariably lead to a greater chance of developing all the illnesses mentioned, as well as many which were not mentioned!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but you don’t need some high-intensity training regimen loaded with full contact drills, like professional baseball, basketball and football players do. You just need to get active. So what counts as being active then? Well, just walking fast enough to elevate your heart rate is a good start, but you can always push yourself a little harder if you’re sure your body can handle it. Riding a bike over level ground, or up and down sparing hills, or swimming, or even pushing a lawnmower, are all good ways to get up on your feet and moving.

For me at least, it’s easy to see why more and more people are packing on the pounds these days. In the past, work was really, well, work for a lot of people. It involved being on one’s feet, pushing wheels, pulling levels, affixing nuts and bolts – all kinds of physical labor. As we’ve changed from a manufacturing country to what we are now, millions of people are finding themselves less physically active than they used to be as a result. This downward progression in national health can be stopped though!

Great Training to Stay Healthy

Great Training to Stay HealthyWhether you are an athlete or not, exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. There are many different ways to add exercise to your daily routine but my favorite is CrossFit because it is so comprehensive and provides complete conditioning in such a short period of time.

What is Crossfit?

The CrossFit program combines a variety of exercises that provide a full body workout. It integrates weight lifting, speed training, endurance training, and plyometrics (or, jump training) into one exciting and intensive workout. A single workout lasts just 5 to 15 minutes and to get the full benefits, you have to do 3 to 5 workouts per week.

Doing CrossFit Right

One of the great things about CrossFit is that you can do it even without a gym membership. However, going to the gym or getting the right equipment for your home so that you can include some of the exercises that use equipment. This is because it will add more variety and allow you to change things up. It will also help you build strength more quickly as you can lift weight beyond your own bodyweight.

It is also advisable, at least at the beginning to get a personal trainer who can help you get the technique down. While the high intensity nature of the exercises makes them extremely beneficial to your health; it also increases your risk for injury if you do them wrong. A personal trainer (or a CrossFit training course) can help you develop your technique so that you can later do the program safely on your own. To get advice on specific topics, like energy supplements, or see some other interesting information about effective Crossfit wear, check out

Health Benefits

The reason CrossFit is so effective is because in the short workout times, you are getting high intensity exercise. Many studies have shown that short periods of high intensity exercise can be more beneficial than a longer period of lower intensity exercise.

While it was originally intended as an off-season or complementary workout program for athletes, it is also perfect for anyone who is not a professional athlete. The short workout periods mean you can easily find the time to do a complete CrossFit training program.

It is even easier when you consider there are many exercises which do not use any special equipment so you don’t even need to find time to go to the gym. Just wake up 5 to 15 minutes earlier in the morning and do a complete CrossFit routine using nothing but your own body. No matter how busy you are, you can find 25 to 75 minutes per week to spare for your body!

Making CrossFit part of your daily routine will help you build muscle, get energized, strengthen your bones, improve endurance, agility, speed, and even make you more flexible. All of this will not only get your body in shape and looking amazing; it will also make you feel amazing!

Why it is Crucial to Attend Martial Arts

Why it is Crucial to Attend Martial ArtsMartial arts is a sport that involves speed, careful observation and a variety of hand and foot techniques. I attend modern jujitsu and at home I practice this sport using a grappling dummy. If you want additional information on modern jujitsu and martial arts in general, is a good website to visit. Here are some reasons why it is crucial to attend martial arts.

Great for Exercise

In a time when more people are living sedentary lifestyles, it is important that everyone gets in adequate exercise regularly not just for weight loss but also for improved cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory systems. When you do martial arts you’re also less stressed out and you can try a variety of moves that will work all parts of the body.

You Learn Endurance

A part of martial arts is getting defeated by the opponent at times and in every aspect of life you’ll experience hits from others in physical and emotional ways. When you’re involved in martial arts you learn endurance during defeats and it is this endurance that keeps you going in anything that you set out to do, not just in martial arts. You’ll come away from martial arts with greater confidence.

Self Defense

Our world has become more dangerous and we need to learn how to defend ourselves against enemies who seek to harm us. Getting involved with martial arts is beneficial because you learn techniques that assist you in fighting off attackers.

Improves Your Cognitive Skills

Martial arts is all about staying focused on the task at hand and not getting easily distracted during the performance so if you want an activity that teaches you how to stay focused and boost your cognitive skills, then martial arts is right for you.

You Can Make New Friends

If you told yourself that you need to make new friends but you’re not sure where to get started, consider enrolling in a martial arts class because you’re around like minded individuals who enjoy the same activity and you might find that there are other things you have in common with them.

Your Hand Eye Coordination Skills Improve

In martial arts you’ll need proper hand eye coordination and this helps you improve in this area if it has always been a struggle for you.


Martial arts is a good way to boost your confidence and maintain a healthy body at the same time. When searching for a martial arts center, you want to choose a trainer that is certified and that has been an instructor for at least five or more years. You should also choose an instructor who you’ll feel comfortable with and who offers different types of martial arts lessons. In addition to your classes, watch some online martial arts instructional videos and read books on the topic. By doing this you’ll be in a position to excel at the sport and possibly teach others yourself.

How Growing Plants At Home Can Be Used To Improve your Health In About One Week

Growing PlantsHouseplants look beautiful but they also have health benefits. If you want to grow vegetables and fruits in your home, you’ll need to build an indoor garden complete with enough soil, containers for the plants and best artificial light for growing plants. Your choice of houseplants depends mainly on your personal preferences and the area you live in. Here are some ways that houseplants improve your health.

Purifies The Air in Your House

One main benefit of houseplants is that it purifies the air in your home, particularly the air that is polluted from smoke and other toxins released in the home from chemicals used in cleaning supplies. Some good houseplants to use for purifying air include ivy, ficus, peace lilies, spider plants, and palms.

Mood Booster

Houseplants have the ability to cheer you up because of their visual appeal due to the fact that they come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you’re having a stressed day or if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one through death, beautiful houseplants help you feel better as time goes on.

Assists You in Eating Right

This is true in situations where you’re growing vegetables indoors using lamps for growing plants. When you grow vegetables and fruits at home, you have a steady stream of healthy food on hand to cook with and this motivates you to improve your eating habits overall.

Creates A Sense of Awareness of Nature

In our highly technological world it is easy to get caught up in our daily work, social activities and other obligations that we rarely have time to stop and reflect on the beauty of nature. When we have houseplants we learn about their importance to the world and it teaches us a sense of responsibility to care for other living beings other than ourselves.

Cancer Prevention

In a study from the Journal of Clinical Endoctrinology, researchers stated that the plant estrogen found in home grown vegetables and fruits are beneficial in cancer prevention and the cancers the estrogen may prevent include breast and prostate cancer. The study also mentioned that plant estrogen could reduce heart disease.

Treatment of Skin Problems

Certain houseplants also treat minor skin problems and one such plant is aloe vera. Aloe vera can cure burns on the skin and you can cut a piece of the plant and rub the sap of it on the burns for healing. Aloe vera is also good for treating acne and ticks.

Improved Sleep

Because houseplants eliminate the toxic air through a cleansing process, you’ll smell less of the toxic air and instead you’ll inhale cleaner air. As a result you get a better night’s sleep.


Houseplants bring joy to our lives but they also bring us better health as seen in the above mentioned ways that plants are good for us. You want to water your plants periodically and give them fertilizer for proper growth.  You can even have fun with the plants by giving each one a name and talking to them.

Why Sitting Can Be Bad for Your Health

Why Sitting Can Be Bad for Your HealthThere are many things we all know we shouldn’t do, because they’re liable to hurt us. Smoking, for instance, is something nobody should be doing – cigarettes are loaded with hundreds of different chemicals, packed with carcinogens and pretty much guaranteed to decrease the user’s quality of life if used as directed. Overeating is another thing we all know we shouldn’t do, thanks to concerns like diabetes, heart disease and other very real consequences. However, there’s one thing thousands of people do every day which could be hurting them just as badly as the two things I’ve already mentioned.

What is it, you may ask? I’ll tell you. People who sit at a desk, or behind a counter, or on a phone taking calls all day are all at a greater risk of picking up various health problems than those who work in more physically active jobs. This especially concerns guys who work in the IT industry, because managing and designing complex tasks which are part of their normal work days can be very time consuming.

Sitting for hours at a stretch, whether at work or at home, is not a healthy behavior. Thankfully, it’s a behavior which is easy to correct with a minimal amount of effort. All you need to do is get up and move around a few times throughout the day. This can be just to stretch or jog in place, or even to go to the bathroom; the why really doesn’t matter. What matters is improving circulation, reducing the odds of developing blood clots and stopping that sedentary style of doing things.

This isn’t like picking up an exercise regimen, or devoting an hour a day to improving your physical fitness level. It’s just getting up and walking, lifting your legs, moving your body, that sort of thing. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it, but it’s shocking how many people still spend 2, 4, 6 or even 8 hours in a row, in a seat, without getting up once within that time frame.

If you do a lot of traveling by air, then you’ve no doubt heard about blood clots and embolisms caused by sitting mostly still for several hours at a stretch. It’s pretty much exactly the same for those working desk jobs, without all the airport security hassles. While it’s kind of hard to get up and engage your body on an airplane in flight, it is rather easy to do so in an office building or other grounded venue.

When I have to sit at a computer or otherwise be still for any length of time, I can’t help but want to get up. It’s like I can feel my blood flow slowing, and I can also feel it speeding up at those times when I get out of my chair and just move. Because such a simple and easy act can potentially save you from so much trouble, I recommend everyone spend a little less time sitting and a little more time standing every day.